Happy School Bag Donation Day

Wed 09 Dec | 8:30am | Goldsworth School

"Happy School Bags" is a scheme that helps the Friends of Goldsworth raise funds for the school through the collection of unwanted yet reusable clothing and other items that might otherwise end up in land-fill. Our collections generally result in £400-£500 of funds raised for Goldsworth, the school get paid per kilo of usable items donated.
To donate your unwanted items use any plastic bag (but do please minimise single use plastic), and fill them with any of the following items:
😀 Reusable clean and dry clothes
💰 Reusable paired shoes and footwear
😀 Handbags, Belts, Hats & accessories
💰 Soft toys (Teddies)
😀 Bed linen
💰 Console games, souvenirs
😀 Jewellery, toiletries, perfumes
Please bring in your bags of unwanted clothes etc at morning drop off, or the evening before by car if you have lots and lots to donate! The pile will be collected shortly after 9am, so please make sure you've added your bag(s) to the pile under the infant bike shed before then.

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