Diwali Fireworks evening was "The Greatest Show"

Wow, what an incredible evening. Thank you so much to the ONE THOUSAND people who came to our Diwali Firework Festival. We loved it, we hope you all did too. We are so sorry we had to turn people away!

We want to say a HUMONGOUS thank you for Joshila DeVile, who first had the idea to combine Fireworks and Diwali and then went ahead and made it happen! She has worked really hard on this event and we are so proud that it was such an amazing community building evening.

Then, also big thanks to Dave Hall, of The Olive Tree, Sutton Green who organised and sponsored the incredible bar tonight. Best bar we've ever had! And also to Victoria, of Victoria's Kitchen fame for the scrumb-diddly-umscious hot chocolate station.

The fireworks from Platinum Fireworks really were the GREATEST SHOW!! We were blown away.

The school was buzzing with Diwali Skit and Bollywood dancing practise sessions over the last few weeks and it really paid off! The kids were fab and were brilliantly coordinated by Priyanka, Kavita and the team.

There were many other people involved in making the event happen, but we'd also like to thank:

Reena - for putting letters through all our neighbour’s letter boxes
Sarah and Pascal
Kim and Jamie
Robyn and Barry
Helen and Sarah
Tina and Dan
Kevin, Zoe and Michael for being on hand for first aid
Leena Amin for managing the gate
Sarah, Amanda, Leena & Daya on the gate
Rachel (who's now busy counting up!)
Karuna, Vaishali, Priya, Aditi, Bobby, Georgie, Dipali, Krishna, Sasmita and Antar on the crazy busy food stall!
Kat Melissa and Anne on hot drinks!
Kayla, Maya, Anjana and Sophie for selling glow toys!
Alessia who helped with candy floss. 
Loads more people helped as Marshals: Ketan, Edward, Susanne, Tara, Anand and Yatin.

Here are some photos of the evening:

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