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You may wonder where the money raised by the Friends of Goldsworth Fundraising events goes. Well, we've been saving for a special purchase and are pleased to announce that we have agreement from the Trustees to spend £27,000 to acquire an All Weather Track for the school field! 

Work will begin on the track next week! 

It will be a wide, artificial grass path that can be used throughout the year for the "Mile a Day" that the children run. This photo shows an example of a similar track and our Pupil Parliament have chosen to have ours in red too!

The cricket wicket will be recovered during the same project.

This big purchase has been made possible due to all the raffle tickets you buy, jolly jars you donate, half hour slots you fill on stalls, and ticketed events, such as Diwali Fireworks, Summer Dance, School Disco and Bingo Nights you attend, and so much more. 

Thank you to all the Friends of Goldsworth! 
(and apologies that some of the after school clubs have been cancelled to allow for installation, but we hope you will agree it’ll be well worth it!!)

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