Constitution of the Friends of Goldsworth Primary School

  1. The name of the Association shall be "The Friends of Goldsworth Primary School".
  2. Membership of the Association shall be open to all parents and/ or friends of any child attending Goldsworth Primary School or ex-pupils of the school.
  3. If considered necessary, the Association shall charge a membership fee per family on a 'per term' or 'per annum' basis.
  4. A committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and that committee shall have the right to co-opt members on to the committee as necessary.
  5. The committee shall consist of:
    1. A Chairman (who may be the Head if he/she wishes)
    2. A Secretary
    3. A Treasurer
    4. A maximum of six other committee members two of who should be staff.
  6. A quorum shall exist when there are at least one of the three appointed officials and at least three committee members.
  7. The aims and purpose of the Association shall be to provide a meeting place for parents and/or friends of children attending the School and to provide a means of raising funds to provide for such meetings of parents and/ or friends and to facilitate purchases of items which the committee, or the Association in full meeting, shall decide to would like to give, or make available in any way, to Goldsworth Primary School.
  8. If considered necessary by the committee the Association may maintain a banking account to facilitate the management of its funds. Unless otherwise decided at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, any two members of the committee shall be authorised to sign cheques on the Association's behalf.
  9. The committee shall not speculate with the Association's funds and any funds accumulated shall be used as soon as it is prudently possible to achieve the aims and purposes set out in 7 above.
  10. Notices of meetings shall be circulated to all members at least fourteen days before the event.
  11. Nominations for membership of the committee or for one of the official posts should be submitted to the Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting but, at the Chairman's discretion, may be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.
  12. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at fourteen days notice upon a petition bearing the names of at least 25% of the membership being submitted to the Chairman of Secretary.
  13. Upon dissolution of the Association, the committee shall donate to the school any surplus funds in its possession.