Email Contact List

Here is a list of contact email addresses for both Friends committee members and class reps.
Role Email Address Contact
Chair Helen Smith
Tina Staal-Williams
Treasurer Rachel Turner
Secretary Linda Sierra-Parkes
The Committee

Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer & Secretary


The Committee & Other Trustees
Teacher Reps

Miss Harbridge

Class Reps All Class Reps
Infant Reps Infant Reps
Junior Reps Junior Reps
The Committee, Trustees, Class Reps, Teacher Reps & All Event Teams
Team Email Addresses    
Events Team

Debs MacKay, Steph McDonald, Cath Leek

Bingo Night Kim Owens
Cinema Night

Nic Salmond, Tessa Willison

Disco Nic Salmond
Family Camp

Neil Hampton, Clare Charrier, Paul Baker, Johan van den Broek


Neil Hampton, Clare Charrier, Paul Baker, Johan van den Broek

Happy School Bag
Clare Charrier
Health & Wellbeing Festival Jen Mason
Quiz Night
Linda Sierra-Parkes
Second Hand Uniform Martine Boesveld
Summer Dance

Micayla Barron, Cathryn Jagger, Fabiana Ecca

Summer Fayre Helen Smith
Theatre Tickets ***
Tuck Shop

Erin Trojanovich
Sonia Barbate

Webmaster & Facebook page Sarah de Mul
Xmas Fayre

Debs MacKay, Steph McDonald, Cath Leek, Melissa Scholey


Huma Ghazanfar, Tanya Dawes, Helen Williams, Debs MacKay

Class Reps    
Reception: Hedgehogs Natalie Winter
Reception: Mice

Joshila DeVile

Sarah de Mul

Simona Rossi

Reception: Moles

Melissa Scholey

George Firmin

Y1: Foxes Bhargavi Madaraju
Y1: Owls

Cassie Bramall

Lucy Hoggett

Y1: Otters

Cath Leek

Emily Berge

Y2: Badgers

Claire Lambourne

Marie-Anne Abrahams

Y2: Rabbits

Shani Townsend

Becky White

Y2: Bats

Caron Richards

Maria Kayani


Jo Fairlamb

Robyn Munton


Nicola Felton

Renatha Fourie

Simona Rossi


Kimberley Owens

Stefanie O'Grady

Anna Richens


Sarah Gosney

Aga Kosinska


Anna Manners

Angela Thomas


Priyanka Chaturvedi

Eba Altamini

Y5T Gemma Nuttall

Deb McKay

Jacqui Thorpe

Vicky Cohen
Y6S Canan Kandemir

Nic Salmond

Kate Howard